Why 99% Of Dropshippers Fail

How easy it sounds to own a successful dropshipping business; just create an eCommerce store, select products, market them and generate money. But if that was the case, why do most dropshippers fail in their first few months of opening an eCommerce store? 

The reasons are pretty obvious, but the concept of overnight success is so popular that people tend to forget the hard work and struggles that come with it. In this guide, we’ll see some of the mistakes behind the failure of 99% of dropshippers and how you can avoid them by following the proper steps and making effective strategies. 

Let’s find out!

1. Having No Consistency

Many people feel excited about opening an eCommerce store. They hear success stories on YouTube, spend their days and nights searching on Google, and finally create a dropshipping account. They do everything as listed, yet still, the conversation rate remains zero. And what happens next? They quit believing it is not for them. 

Why invest all your time and effort (even money) only to quit in the end? Because overnight success is just a myth, it won’t work unless you work with persistence and stay determined. And if there is one secret to running a successful dropshipping business, it is to remain consistent. 

Always remember, it takes time to grow; even the most successful eCommerce businesses began from scratch. Yet, they now stand successfully because they took every milestone as a challenge and stayed consistent. 

2. Giving Up Right Before They Reach The Corner Of Success

Another reason why most dropshippers fail is they give up when they are just about to reach their goal. Quitting should never be an option because even though you read a hundred articles or watch helpful videos all day, it is only after trial and error that you’ll know what works best for you. 

Most dropshippers find success in their conversion rate after advertising on a specific platform; others get better results with email marketing. There is no elevator nor a golden formula for success, yet every step counts towards your success. If you do want to get started faster though, finding a mentor is definitely important so that you can follow their path and save time and money in the long-run. Whether you are just a beginner or have some expertise running a dropshipping store, moving forward with patience is the key. 

3. Not Having a Proper Product Research System

The more you stand your business on “assumptions,” the less are the chances of success. The world is moving fast thanks to technology, and so is the competition. Just because a product worked for someone doesn’t mean you’ll receive the same results as well.

It is precisely why doing proper product research is essential before creating your eCommerce store. 

You can start finding your right product by:

  • Researching on trending products
  • Exploring Amazon pages 
  • Keeping a check on recent hashtags
  • Using online forums to check product reviews 
  • Using Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok)

Also, not to forget that most top-selling products typically belong to:

  • Eye-catching, vibrant/cute products (cute kawaii stickers, plush pillows)
  • Ease-bringing products that solve everyday problems (such as smart wallets, wind resistant umbrellas, etc.)
  • Products that belong to movements on the rise (such as bamboo toothbrushes or save the turtles straw to reduce plastic pollution)

You can categorize your list of products based on what sells evergreen and what makes a higher profit. Also, make sure the product has a demand in the market. Otherwise, poor research and hoping the product will work for you will only lead to a failed dropshipping business.

These are just some starting tips to find good products. At Launchers Academy, we have a full Product Matrix system that highlights the top criteria of winning products!

4. Not Having the Proper Ad Strategies

You have created an excellent eCommerce store after doing all the research work. The products you have selected are fully in-demand, and the hopes for sales are high. But out of hundreds and thousands of commerce stores worldwide, how would the customers find your store? That is where the role of ads comes in. 

Proper research helps you open a great eCommerce store, but ads are what will make sales. However, advertisement requires money, and you wouldn’t want to invest blindly in strategies that don’t bear any fruit. Thus, it is essential to understand ad KPIs and benchmarks and how a proper ad strategy would raise your conversion rate. 

There are many platforms you can use for marketing, and Facebook ads are the most effective as they can target very specific groups of audiences. Even for that, you shouldn’t just jump into throwing your money if you aren’t aware of how Facebook ads work. In a nutshell, research well before you implement anything, whether it’s the product you are going to sell or the way you are going to market it. 

5. Expecting To See Results Right Away

One of the most common reasons for dropshipping failure is wanting to see instant results. Sure, you should expect a successful outcome, but it is important to trust the process. 

Dropshipping, like all other businesses, takes hard work and time. If other people’s success inspires you, you should also see their struggles to reach that point. Expecting to see the result right away will only make you impatient, yet there are no shortcuts in a successful dropshipping business. 

Running a successful dropshipping business would demand more than simply an initiation, just as choosing a realistic goal takes serious thinking and motivation. And the key to success is to always work with determination, persistence, and smart work!

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In the emerging world, dropshipping sounds like an exciting idea. Yet, it’s not as easy as what you see on the web. Each step is a milestone to cover from, opening an eCommerce store to selecting products and marketing them.

We, at Launchers Academy, are here to help you go through your dropshipping journey without making the same mistakes that others make. 

Most beginners often see a dropshipping failure because they expect too much and too early without conducting proper and extensive research. But Launchers Academy offers a step-by-step dropshipping process to save you from hurting in selecting products without even analyzing whether they would work or not.

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