What Advertising Platform Should You Use?

Whether you own a brand or run an eCommerce store, online marketing is always a great way to extend your business. Not only it increases the reach, but also helps you get more traffic on your online store. And social network advertising is a direct way to find potential customers; it never fails to level up your brand’s awareness! 

However, since the web market has limitless results, finding the right advertising platform can be overwhelming. In a world where you can find hundreds of online marketing options, knowing what advertising platforms you should use needs a detailed answer. Keep on reading to find more!

Popular Advertising Platforms & Which One To Choose

An eCommerce or dropshipping store without advertising is like a life without social media; no question a large population spends most of their time scrolling through social networking platforms. And that is exactly where the marketing and advertising industry takes the game to the next level: using platforms to help businesses make most of their sales! 

So, here are some of the popular advertising platforms with all the benefits you should expect!


  1. Facebook 

A platform no other social media can beat when it comes to online advertising, Facebook ads do more than just promote your business or dropshipping store. Though may feel tricky to freshers, it features maximum options to reach the exact audience if used correctly. 

With Facebook advertisement, you can:

  • Choose your advertising objectives:
    • Increase your target audience 
    • Increase your customer reach 
    • Raise your brand’s awareness
    • Level up business’ engagement  
  • Select your audience; their: 
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Language preferences
    • You can target people at a specific location
  • You can also choose from a variety of formats, let it be an:
    • Image
    • Video
    • Slide show
    • Collections 
    • Canvases 
    • Carousels 
  • Select whether you want to run your ads continuously or at a specific timing!

Facebook has everything sorted out and gives a long list of options to understand the exact requirements – something that makes it better than every other advertising platform on the web. 

Even when it comes to budgeting, Facebook ads are highly cost-effective. You can even start from $5 and reach a large audience using the right strategy! 

Some of the other benefits of using Facebook ads are as follows:

  • Fast advertisement 
  • Measurable advertisement (impressions, clicks, reach, etc)
  • Real-time advertisement 
  • Simple and easy set-up 
  • Simple and Advanced ad solutions 
  • Micro-targeting audience 

  1. Instagram 

If Facebook is known for reaching the exact target audience, know that Instagram is worldwide acknowledged for its high engagements. The ideal place to advertise your Shopify or dropshipping store, there are many reasons why Instagram advertisement is better than other platforms: 

  • Superior Advertising Campaigns: Facebook owns Instagram, which means running an Instagram ad will give you benefits of both Facebook and Instagram advertising. 
  • Increases Following: Instagram is the perfect place to promote your business page as it not just targets the audience but also grows the following list. 
  • Latest Advertising Features: Instagram likes to keep a track of what’s trending and thus you can always find new updates – something that you can use to advertise even better. 
  • Real-time, Measurable tracking: Just like Facebook, you can track your advertising campaigns with Instagram; keep a check on detailed analytics and find what works best for you! 

Undoubtedly, an Instagram ad offers you not only the target reach but also helps build your community and get in contact with your audience. With Instagram advertisement, you can:

  • Select from a long list of advertising formats:
    • Images 
    • Videos 
    • Stories 
    • IGTV ads
    • Collections 
    • Explore section ads
    • Reels 
    • Carousels 
  • Define your objectives:
    • Increase catalogue sales
    • Raise brand awareness 
    • Reach more audience 
    • Lead generation 
    • Get engagement 
  • Schedule your advertisement: 
    • Run a continuous ad 
    • Set specific time and date 
  • Create your audience: 
    • Location 
    • Age 
    • Gender 
    • Personal preferences or interests 

Regarding the budgeting, you can either choose a daily budget or even go for a lifetime budget once for the whole campaign. You can also decide if you want your advertisement to be placed automatically or manually!

  1. Other Advertising Platforms 

No question Facebook and Instagram are the ideal platforms to advertise your eCommerce, dropshipping, or any online store/brand. They have the right tools to set real-time goals and achieve them. However, there are also some other platforms you can use to promote your business which, though are not as effective as Facebook and Instagram, can do the job:

  • TikTok
  • Twitter 
  • Pinterest 
  • Bing 
  • Mobile app ads 

Why are Facebook and Instagram Ads Better Than Other Advertising Platforms?

You can always use any of the above-mentioned platforms, but there are many reasons why Facebook and Instagram ads will always be on the top:

  • Budget: Even if TikTok is one of the highly-used social media globally, the advertising takes way more money than what a Facebook or Instagram campaign would require. 
  • Limited Audience: Whether it’s Pinterest, Bing, or even TikTok, you have limited audience choices as there are certain age groups of people who use these platforms. The same goes for mobile app ads, as only a limited audience will be using that certain app.
  • Low Engagement: Since there is a limited audience available, your business, brand, or dropshipping store is not likely to get high engagements – something that highlights Facebook and Instagram as the ideal advertising platforms even more! 

About Launchers Academy

Advertising your dropshipping store is surely a great way to increase reach and sales, and thanks to Facebook and Instagram, you can easily advertise your business. But what remains unchecked is to have a strong online store in the first place – something that equally matters if you plan to build a community. 

And that is exactly why we, a group of dropshippers, initiated Launchers Academy

A simple and easy way to launch your dropshipping business, Launchers Academy takes you through a step-by-step process with all the guidance needed. 

Our process is simple: find the right winning products, create your store, and scale your business through video marketing and other advertising options – all just within 90 days!

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