How to Stay Motivated As a Dropshipper

A vast number of startup businesses have been emerging across the entire globe, out of which 50 percent of them fail. A few of the most common factors for failures include choosing the wrong industry, not choosing the right products, losing consistency, and lacking motivation. 

Motivation is the key factor to owning and running a successful business. This applies to all businesses, including dropshipping. So, if you’ve just started your eCommerce journey or have a dropshipping business and are feeling demotivated on not accomplishing much or anything, here are 3 tips on how to stay motivated as a dropshipper you should focus on.

1. Having a Consistent, Daily, and Structured Routine

Let’s face it. Our brains are hardwired for a sense of familiarity, and having a daily, structured, and consistent routine puts our brains on autopilot. This significantly frees up the working memory to center our focus on more crucial tasks – such as growing and scaling your business. 

Forming structure in your day and sticking to the same routine can help you get more done in a day. Develop different routines for your mornings and evenings and practice them consistently. Knowing what you can do every single day of the week can help you stay focused when distractions come knocking at your door. 

Quite understandably, most people who get into the dropshipping business will have a corporate job already. So having to run around in multiple directions and juggling between your office tasks and online business at one time will probably drag you down and make you feel exhausted. 

However, a set schedule of when exactly you will be putting in the hours for working on your dropshipping store allows you to stay on track.

You can allocate certain day hours and know exactly what you will be doing in that period for your dropshipping store. For instance, if you’re working Monday to Friday on your office job, take out at least 3 hours of your day before or after your office hours to do some deep and thoughtful work on how to move your dropshipping business forward. 

This way, you can have a set schedule. Moreover, doing it consistently will help take your business in the right direction. When you do something consistently, you end up forming a habit. So, even when you don’t feel like giving 3 hours of your day to work on growing your business, you might automatically get up and do it because it has become a part of your routine now.

2. Being Focused On The End Goal But Also Enjoying The Learning Process and Journey of eCommerce

For some people, it takes more than just working on everyday tasks or having a set schedule for the day or the entire week to stay motivated. Some dropshippers might be more focused on the bigger goal. 

A vision board allows your motivation in dropshipping to stay for longer because chances are you are initially not even close to achieving the things you’ve planned to achieve. 

Instead, this long-term vision board will serve as a constant reminder that there are certain things you want for your business and a certain level you want to take your business to. You just have to work smarter and harder to reach there. 

So, while daily or weekly tasks and reminders might become monotonous and demotivating at one point if there’s little or no progress, knowing your end goal and working to accomplish it keeps you motivated for the long run. This is because even though you might not be achieving something every day, you are working at your own pace to get there one day. 

Day by day, you are moving an inch closer to your end goal, which will keep you highly motivated. However, simultaneously, you must also remember to enjoy the entire journey and learning process of eCommerce. For instance, it is equally important to celebrate small victories and accomplishments in this process to stay motivated. 

Most people set up high ambitions, such as wanting to make a million dollars by the end of the year, which is still a massive objective to accomplish. People neglect to celebrate the tiny things they learn every day and accomplish along the way in their eCommerce journey. If you continue to overlook these minor accomplishments, you can hurt the chances of reaching your end goal. 

You might arrive at a point when you feel you haven’t accomplished anything at all. So if it’s been a while since you started your dropshipping business, compare it to where your business was a year ago. 

Look back at everything you have learned since then and to what extent you are more prepared now. Allow yourself to be truthful and analyze all the areas where you still want to grow. It is just as important to enjoy every bit of what you have learned. 

Even if you have gone through failures and minor bumps, think of them as opportunities for the coming years. Failures and eventually learning from your mistakes is how you can pave the way for success in your eCommerce journey. 

3. Having A Mentor to Guide You Through, Keep You Accountable, And Give You Guidance To Move Your Business Forward

Indeed, starting a successful online business and opening your own dropshipping store will be a long and exhausting journey. There are many things you will need to consider. 

You need to have a proper business plan and growth strategy to scale your profitability and business. Those who have little or zero experience in running a business will usually think of turning to a mentor. But who is a mentor, and how can they help your business grow? 

A mentor can provide you with the proven techniques and tools to establish and run a successful business. They can give you fresh and valuable insights and help you overcome many hurdles along the way.

Most people set objectives for themselves. But if you don’t have anybody to hold you accountable or take ownership of your responsibilities, your goals will eventually become dreams. 

A mentor holds you accountable for the actions you take and helps you achieve your short-term and long-term goals. They can also guide you to continue moving your business forward, which plays a vital role in helping you stay motivated. You’ll be able to devise a well-thought-out plan to accomplish your goals. 

By knowing your mentor will regularly check-in, you will be more motivated to make progress. Besides, you’ll also have someone to celebrate your small wins and significant breakthroughs. 

Mentors also have a wealth of expertise and experience, which you can profoundly benefit from and build your own successful dropshipping store. They can serve as valuable guides and provide you a plethora of helpful insights. 

You can converse with a mentor and discuss the problems or hurdles you’re facing in your business. Remember that your mentor has probably been through the same situation you are in now, so they can help share valuable insights on how they overcame the situation and guide you on how to move your business forward.

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