First Ever AI-Driven Dropshipping Program

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Who We Are

Founded in 2020, Launchers Academy is the FIRST EVER Dropshipping Platform To Use Artificial Intelligence in helping ANYONE with no Dropshipping experience, build everything from scratch ten times faster without having to give up your 9 to 5 job.

Our platform focuses on working with individuals that want to understand how to start a successful online business and use AI tools to do it faster without the hard work to see results.

We have successfully helped first time Dropshippers in finding great products, building a store from scratch and using Artificial Intelligent tools to speed up the learning curve through an exclusive group mentorship program.

Our Mission


Jaiden Vu

Co-Founder & Marketing Strategist, META Ads Expert

Jaiden Vu is a corporate chef turned Dropshipping Expert, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor.

He wanted to gain more freedom to himself and live the lifestyle he found more attractive. Jaiden knew that he wanted to become successful, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. His initial spark came from his personal goal to be the first millionaire in his family. While some people get their drive from a source of inspiration, Jaiden was mainly driven by his desperation for a more fulfilling life where money was not a concern at all.

When Jaiden is not working, you can find him researching his next watch investment and reading 85 books a year.

Melissa Ng

Co-Founder & Business Strategist, META Ads Expert

Melissa has always been multi-passionate and interested in many different areas of business growing up. With eyes set on a path in business, Melissa completed her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of British Columbia and completed her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation. Prior to starting Launchers Academy, she started her career in Finance working in Mergers & Acquisitions as a Corporate Development Manager at a multinational publicly traded company supporting a wide range of strategic initiatives and business opportunities of $800M+ in enterprise value. After 3 years in the Corporate world, she felt like something was missing and decided to start her journey into entrepreneurship by starting a Strategic Design Agency with Christy.

After helping over 100+ entrepreneurs with starting and launching their service-based business, she decided to start her next venture into Dropshipping because she wanted to build a more passive income stream. Dropshipping provided the opportunity to get into a growing and high demand industry, and allowed for easier global expansion and scalability. Upon seeing many successes in her Dropshipping stores, she joined Christy and Jaiden in starting Launchers Academy to be able to make a stronger impact and contribute to helping more people.

When Melissa is not working, you can find her eating her way through the city, planning her next travel adventure, and gourmet cooking.

Christy Liu

Co-Founder & Website Design, Branding Expert

Starting young with a passion for web design, branding, and marketing, Christy has been designing for 15+ years. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Design degree and has worked in both the marketing and design space at startups and for a multinational publicly traded company. Her specializations are in brand design, web design, UX and UI design, and digital marketing.

Prior to starting Launchers Academy, Christy challenged herself and was working abroad in Hong Kong as a strategic User Experience (UX) Designer at a technology startup! After returning back to Vancouver, she ventured into entrepreneurship with Melissa and they started a Strategic Design Agency together. From helping several eCommerce clients design their brands and websites, Christy wanted to get into eCommerce herself, starting with Dropshipping, to not only achieve financial freedom but also build her very own Dropshipping business and brand.

Now after starting several stores successfully, she loves sharing her expertise and helping people in need of her help to set up their Dropshipping businesses. She strives to support serious entrepreneurs in overcoming the technical, visual, and strategical aspects of building a successful store, brand, and positive customer experiences.

When Christy is not working, you can find her running her food blog, creating illustrations, and learning multiple languages.


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