Podcast Episode 3: How You Can Find Winning Dropshipping Products


EPISODE SUMMARY: How you can find WINNING DROPSHIPPING PRODUCTS. We’re going to cover exactly where you can start to find products and what products to stay away from in Dropshipping so you don’t waste your time and money on the wrong areas.

Jaiden: How to find winning products, winning products, winning products? This is the overly most talked about topic when it comes to dropshipping. But more importantly, for you listening, it’s the most important thing that you should be focusing on. Because without that winning product, without that great product, it doesn’t matter how great your store is, it doesn’t matter how great your Facebook or any marketing campaign is, it doesn’t matter how great your content is, because it all revolves around this product. And if it’s not a great product, you’re just wasting your time and money.

So in this episode, as it says how to find winning products, we’re going to go over pretty much our little quick hacks and strategies of how you can really bypass the process, and more importantly, be on your way to finding a winning product. And honestly, this is something that not a lot of materials are talked about on the free YouTube in the Google and stuff. So this is where you actually get real advice and strategies so you can find that winning product. So we’re gonna go over a couple of things here. And I’m gonna let Melissa here kick it off is what are some things that we can help the person listening today to help themselves find a winning product in dropshipping?

Yeah, absolutely. So the number one thing before you even think about finding a winning product is really making sure that you are doing enough product research to validate the demand for your product. So I’m going to dive quickly into one tip out of the seven-step system that we share with our students. But I’m only going to share one and drop one value bomb right here right now.

So the biggest one that we would say is using Google Trends. And I alluded to this a little bit in our previous episodes, but not diving, you know in-depth of what it is. But today, we are definitely going to dive in-depth here. So what you can do is because as I mentioned previously, you want to make sure that you are validating the actual demand for your product to make sure people are searching for this niche as well as product before you spend a single dollar on advertising.

How you will be able to do this is going to Google Trends. And in the search filters, you’re going to select a country as the United States. Why is because United States is the best representation of a buying market. Next, you’re going to select the past 90 days, why 90 days is because you only care about what is actually currently happening right now, the third filter is filtering for shopping. And the reason why you filter for shopping is that you only care about what people are actually purchasing over the past 90 days. Now the last filter, you can just leave it as default, which is the web search.

And after having these four filters on, what you’re going to do is you’re going to start searching for singular terms of either your niche area or keywords that surround your product. For example, if we are selling a product in the beauty niche, what I want to make sure is number one, that the beauty in these products is actually something that people are searching for. So people are actually searching for products in beauty. So I will search up the beauty and look at the trending of the graph.

When you look at the trending of the graph, you want to make sure that for the past 90 days, it’s somewhat going upwards. So it’s not something that’s just you know, it had a lot of interest at the beginning of the 90 days. But right now at this point, no one’s searching for it anymore. So you want to at least make sure that the graph is trending upwards, as well as the very endpoint of the graph, which is the current day, it is above the interests of 35. And overall in the entire graph, you want to make sure the majority of time is above the interests of 50.

Now when you start searching these keywords, another thing to keep in mind is you want to start off from an umbrella keyword which was which would usually be the niche surrounding the actual product. And then you start diving and narrowing down further on the product itself.

Let’s say I’m selling a LED beauty device and a led beauty device basically has a lot of different lights like red light green light blue light, that tackles different areas of your face and makes you know to get rid of your acne marks your blemishes, your pores and etc. So what you want to start doing as you narrow down further is to look to see if people are looking for this device. So for example, I would probably search LED light therapy, something like that and synonyms revolving around that, however, make sure that it’s only a singular keyword that you’re using because the moment you start using two key keywords or even three, what’s gonna happen is a lot of the keywords and the narrows is going to be decreased so much that it doesn’t give you good data anymore. So remember for this step is very important that you only use one singular keyword.

Cool. I love that. Anything else we can throw on top of that for the Google trends as well.

Yeah, so I mentioned, you know, making sure that the graph itself is trending upwards. And that majority of the time, at least half of the time, it’s above the interests of 50. At the endpoint, it’s above 35. So those are the key points that you want to remember when you are looking at this graph.

Awesome. I love that. And if you didn’t catch that, go back and listen to it again, because this is super important. Now, this is only you know, one step of the six steps here that we do teach pretty much the people that we do work with, in terms of finding a winning product. But it’s also a great step for a lot of you listening to start with, because really at the end of the day people I mean, here’s a little misnomer, right? A lot of people think it’s as simple as sending on Ali express, Google, and Amazon, whatever other platforms out there, and it just types in a bunch of pods and hopes they’ll get something. And that’s where they’ll find that winning product. Well, it’s not like that. Actually, don’t get away with that.

And here’s the thing, if you’re doing it, what’s going to stop, like 15,000 other people in the world or even more people to do exactly what you’re doing. Because it’s completely free. It’s what everyone knows. But if it’s what everyone knows, how are you going to stand out from the rest of finding a winning product? Are you going to spend more hours doing this, where you’re going nowhere, or you’re going to find something that actually works, right? And that’s important, the actual step to finding it. And you know, one of the steps that we just pretty much went over the Google Trends part, it’s super important for you to kind of at least validate the first beginnings of you diving into the product, as opposed to just sitting there and typing a bunch of products, testing it, spending your money and really going nowhere.

So just keep in mind once again, this is one of the few or many steps sorry, that we have. So with that being said, yeah, Google Trends is a great one. Now back on the topic of how to find a winning product, what’s another piece of advice that you can give here to someone listening there, Christy?

Yeah, now Jaiden, last time, you mentioned about, you know, not just focusing on one niche and being open to multiple different niches and testing those out. So when you are looking for a product, you can definitely look at some of the hot niches out there right now.

And I can drop four of them.

So one of them, Melissa mentioned last time as well. Outdoors right now outdoors, and the issue is really hot because everyone’s kind of recovering from the pandemic, and they’re going outside and they want to see their friends. So any you know, any products that are adding to the fun with within a group or even just anything outdoors that’s really exciting and unique. Those are definitely some great products to look into.

Number two, I also touched upon home goods, those are always really popular and really hot niche right now as well for you know, some people are working from home still. So they definitely want a space that’s comfortable and, you know, really relaxing to be in and also decorating their space with some unique products as well. That’s definitely one niche to look into too.

And then number three is gaming goods. So gaming gear, that one’s a really hot niche as well. There are a lot of unique cool products out there that are really useful for gamers. And so there’s definitely a lot of products to explore within that niche as well.

And then number four would be beauty. Beauty is an evergreen niche, especially if it’s a woman-dominated market and you know, you want to target women because it is one of the biggest consumption markets out there. So beauty is always a really great niche to look into as well. However, you definitely want to be careful in terms of the products that you pick and really make sure that the product is unique and helpful and again solves a problem so whenever you’re looking into these different niches and looking for products within the niche, always go back to you know, making sure that the product is helpful. And we also have a lot of other criteria that we teach to our students as well in finding a winning product. So these are some niches that you can look into and definitely keep yourself open to testing out products within these different niches when it comes to starting your dropshipping store.

I love it and you want to summarize the four niches again in short?

Yeah. Number one is outdoor products. So products that you know you can play within a group or anything that’s fun to you know if you’re going hiking or those are products that are really good to have as well.

And then number two is home goods. So anything that makes your space more comfortable and you know you’re able to make your process and time at home more easier.

And then number three is gaming accessories. Those are really hot as well. There’s a lot of cool products out there that people want to get their hands on, you definitely want to explore the different products there.

And then number four is beauty, which is always a hot niche, especially for women-dominated markets. So those are the four niches you definitely want to look into when you’re doing your product research.

I love it. And here’s the thing, what Christy just did and what we’re doing for you listening as well is we’re giving you a proper roadmap. Because it’s one thing to just find a product but it’s also another to kind of really narrow in your search where because you can spend your entire time to just find products after products after products in all different areas. But sometimes you might be wasting your time because maybe someone else already knows what niches are doing well right now. So they’re only finding products within that niche. So they’re gonna be a lot further ahead because at least they’re focusing on what actively people want to buy.

So it’s super important, right? So what you want to do with what Christy just said, on those niches there for the four different industries that you can consider getting into is, you know, get into for them and really expand your products, search based on those niches, because that’s what’s actively people are buying. It’s gonna be a lot easier, as opposed to you just pretty much throwing spaghetti at the wall and trying to find every product and any product. Because the person that tries to find every single product will be the person that finds no product. So super important to understand. And really, that’s, you know, key to being able to narrow your search and save yourself time.

So my little tidbit here is for product research is how to get you started. So with all the amazing advices that Melissa just went over, and also all the amazing advices that Christy went over in terms of the niche and also using Google Trends, that’s great. But the bigger question now is like, how do you even start your brainstorming to, you know, find these products, like you know that that’s a big beast within itself. So I want to kind of give you some advices here, how you can probably, you know, properly start.

So the first thing you can do is go on to a website called ECOMhunt.com. So that’s E-C-O-M-hunt.com. Sign up for a free basic plan. And basically, ECOMHunt is a whole database of different products that they update every single day that is selling but they’re not going viral, or they’re on the verge of trending. So what you want to do is look through these products based on the criterias, we already kind of mentioned there for you listening. And also based on the niches that we just went over is you’re going to pretty much build your arsenal of products and start running them through and doing your own research. So you can start there, it gives you a whole database.

The second thing you can also do is go on Google type in Amazon finds 2020 and 2021. So what Amazon finds is, is basically it’s Amazon’s whole database based on the whole year of what’s been selling really well and what people are constantly engaging with and based on that specific year. So you want to use Amazon’s data already that they’ve already invested in paid for and for you to kind of leverage and piggyback off of.

And the only reason why you want to do 2020 in 2021. And not the years before that is because really right now we got to be focused more towards what’s happening in the world. And that’s a pandemic, right COVID-19 is going to be lingering around for the next couple of years here, it’s not going to completely disappear. So we want to focus on what people are actively buying because the current situation. So do we care about 2019, 2018, 2017? Probably not as much as we care about 2020 Because now that’s more what’s in demand based on the fact of you know, people are stuck at home and all that. So do Amazon finds 2020 and then 2021.

Okay, and then the last thing that can also suggest as well is this is super like literally the best thing you could probably do and you’re using another platform’s data to give you free data to do your own research. So what I recommend you do is go on Facebook, okay? Go on a search bar, type in hashtag dropshipping. And then once you type in the hashtag, click the category that says video and then click that. And then what you’re going to do is you’re basically going to go through like five or seven different videos, you’re going to engage with it watch like 20 or 30 seconds and five to seven videos.

Then after you do so what you’re going to do is you’re going to exit the browser and then you’re going to open up a new browser and go back into Facebook. And what’s going to happen is you’re going to be started you’re gonna basically have Facebook start showing you a whole bunch of different dropshipping your e-commerce advertisement. Because what you just did was you basically pixelated yourself, you are now within the pixelated realm of things that because you engage your job shipping your e-commerce and all those videos that you were you know watching, you’re basically be shown different other people that are advertising products.

So what you’re gonna do from that is you’re going to scroll through your Facebook feed, and then basically click on a bunch of different product videos or a bunch of different ads go through the websites for these people that are advertising and you’re going to look through what kind of products they’re selling.

So that’s a great starting point. And basically, you just build a whole list of products and run it through the systems. And, you know, if they kick out, they kick out, it’ll be awesome. So those are a couple of things here, how you can really find your next winning product. And this is something that’s not really talked a lot about on YouTube or Google or you probably don’t hear often, or if you did, you probably forgot it. So this is a refresher. But more importantly, no one really looks at products like this, or cannot really go about finding their products like this specifically.

And we kind of want to help you find a winning product because going back to what I said in the beginning, it doesn’t matter how great your Facebook campaigns or how great your campaigns are, in general, how great your store looks, or you know how cool your content is, or how much money you’re spending, you can’t be spending investing all your time in the wrong areas in the wrong products. And we want to make sure to really help you kind of start developing the mindset of how to really go about finding these winning products.

So, you know, with that being said, that’s, a couple of positives here that we’re going to throw at you now, what are some mistakes when it comes to finding a winning product that you foresee there, Melissa?

So you know, going through all of this, one of the big mistakes that can come out of product research. So we talked about not doing enough product research, in our previous episode talking about the top three mistakes beginner dropshippers make. One mistake that can come out of product research is doing too much research.

So diving into these steps is great, but also making sure that you are not doing so much research to the point that you’re feeling analysis paralysis, that can happen a lot. When you start diving into that rabbit hole and start digging deeper and deeper for this one specific product, you want to make sure that you have a balanced approach of going through steps in your own product research system. And then making sure that if a product does not work, you skip it and you move on to the next product.

Rather than continuously trying to do more and more research audit and spending so much time on just one singular product. So don’t do too much research, you want to make sure that it’s well balanced, go through a strict product research system. If it does not match the criteria, or if the product does not pass, just move on to the next product.

I love that. And we’re not going to dive so much into like this specific, you know, answer as I’m going to ask Christy. But another question that you know begs to differ you’re probably going to be wondering is like how do I know if the product does well, or the product is not going to do well? Like how do I even know it?

Let’s just say I come across Product A based on everything that in, you know that I’ve been hearing you guys say, I find this product? How do I know if it’s something that I should continue with? Or how would I know based on what? So there’s a certain metric that we have in here in our that we teach our students and I’m going to let Christy walk in and completely, you know, in her viewpoint of how we can really identify with another product, whether or not we should move on with the product. But don’t give away too much, obviously, right? But Christy, when someone finds a product, what’s the next step for them? In short, like, how would they be able to verify whether or not this product is good?

So I would say that in verifying whether the product or not is good, is setting up your general store around those products. So instead of you know putting together a store that’s going to sell that particular product, you definitely don’t want to do that. You want to set up a general store where you can test out all these different products to see how it’s working, and then running ads on it when you do launch your store.

So that’s where you know, there’s a three-day method that comes along with when it comes to the ad strategy where you’re testing out whether or not you know, there’s add to carts within all the three days. So when you test out the products, and you want to make sure that you know people are actually buying these products or buying the product consistently and you’re making sales on a daily basis. That’s when you can really tell that it’s, it’s one of the popular products that are making consistent sales. So that’s what I would say in terms of making sure that you have a general store that you can test out all these different products and different niches and then making being strict within your ad strategy. And when you’re launching your product.

I love that and Christy just dropped some, you know, golden nuggets there. And we’re kind of teasing you. But if you didn’t catch that she’s saying testing it and running a three-day rule and also starting a general store first as well. So these are also big things that we’re going to tackle in the next couple of episodes.

But the one thing I want emphasize that Christy brought up is we do have a specific 3 day rule set in place that if you were to advertise a product within that three days after you spend some money on it I’m basically going to tell you whether or not that you should continue with the product. And here’s the other thing too, you know, since you brought that up and says, I’m on this topic here, is you listening, right?

You might be under the impression that you’re, you’re that you’re supposed to spend a lot of money and just kind of keep hoping that if you spend more money that people catch on to, and then people buy it, that’s really not it. There’s, you know, the reason why we have a 3 day rule, and that’s something that we teach our students here and that we’re going to teach you in a later episode of what that three-day rule is, and what you need to do to follow.

So you don’t spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars even 1000s. To basically realize that the products not going to work out is basically, you might be under the impression that you know, you’re going to spend money and then you’re going to pretty much lighter ride for a week or two or even a month. And then you know, the more money you spend, the more people will get to know the product that you will eventually, you hit the hit the trending or pretty much, you pretty much have a breakout that you basically this property is going to sell a lot.

It’s not like that. It’s actually the opposite. Only within a couple of days, she be able to realize right now this product will do well. And we’ll kind of dive more into that. But just something I wanted to emphasize as Christy brought that up is you do want to have a general store which we’ll talk more about, you know, general store versus one product stores or niche store. And more importantly, is how you should be testing your products and you know what kind of metrics you will follow. So all the great episodes are just coming up. And we all that’s why we want to make sure you always tune back.

But going back to it is you know, finding winning products is going to be like the most sad thing. And it’s not easy, but it’s not so hard as well, the only the what I mean by that is it’s only hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s really easy if you have some help. So whether or not you work with someone, it’s important to pick up and really understand whether or not that you want to do is yourself and no really no advice to go off of and spend years and you know, hundreds of dollars to do it yourself? Or would you rather just work with someone.

And product research is super important in the sense that you’re really not going to be able to find this winning product by yourself. Most of the people that we know they’ve been doing for a while they have an actual system. And you know, that’s why we’re going over this for you. And it’s super important to understand and realise, hey, look, you’re not going to find winning products by doing this by yourself and not just relying on free youtube and google advices.

Going back on our previous episode, the top three mistakes there. So yeah, you know that you can’t just rely on YouTube the Google. So anyways, with that being said, I’m gonna take a little right turn here, products, products, products, and you know, the three of us, Melissa, Christy, we’ve tested hundreds and hundreds of products, right, so I want to kind of give you a little bit more nuggets here.

So that way, you can at least walk away with more and we always kind of love we love giving value. I mean, we can sit here and talk for like hours and hours and hours. But obviously, we’re not. But you know, after testing hundreds and hundreds of products so far, what is one other piece of advice there, Melissa, you can pretty much impart to you know, the person listening today based on everything that we haven’t, that we have not covered yet.

So when I asked, you know, students who just come into the program, and they don’t have any knowledge about product research, or they have their own product research system, or even talking to, you know, people in general in dropshipping, and seeing how they find their winning products, one of the biggest commonalities that I found is that they told me they sit on AliExpress for hours and start searching of different products, just to see which one catches their eye and, and has that wow factor.

And now while this is something that, you know, people can definitely do, it’s quite inefficient to do so this way. Because you’re going to start finding, you’re going to go down into a rabbit hole of just looking for a whole bunch of products that you start thinking that you like, and that you’re going to look forward at your product arsenal to test. But without actually, you know, diving into the market demand, what’s actually happening in the landscape.

So another, you know, wisdom that I would impart so far is when you’re thinking about product research, and when you’re thinking about what products to sell, is really thinking about what environment you’re in right now. Whether that be what is the season that you are in and when you’re launching your product.

So if it’s summer, because as we’re recording, this is in June 2021. It’s thinking about products that people will be using over the next three months. And then from that angle, what are some of the different you know, problems that people have, as a result of being it being in the summer.

For example, a lot of countries have mosquitoes in the summer, and the mosquitoes are only starting to come out now. Now if the problem is mosquitoes what is a product that you can sell in order to combat this problem and help people get rid of that? One of the products that was a winning product over the past, you know, three or four years was in mosquito led mosquito lab, what it does is it basically emits this LED light, where it captures mosquitoes in its basket because it emits the light, so mosquitoes are actually attracted to it. And once they actually come close to the machine, that’s where the machine kind of captures and skills and kind of kills it.

And now people buying this product have found that a lot of their problems with having mosquitoes around their vicinity, whether that be in their home, or even in their patios, or just sitting drinking a beer or chilling with friends, they no longer have this problem. So is thinking about what problem you’re able to solve based on your current environment.

Cool. I love that. And you brought up a great point too, is solving a problem, which I want to dive into here, kind of like giving my tidbits here that I’ve been talked about, right? I want to pass the mic to Christy.

So you know, because we’ve tested so many products, and believe me, we tested so many products and give you guys an outline, like we actually have someone who just does the product, you know, research for us, and we’re very fortunate to have so and they go through like hundreds and hundreds of products. So that should kind of give you like a perspective how adamant and aggressive we are with finding products, and you should be as well, just because you found your one winning product. And here’s just getting the hindsight, just for the future as well as you’re listening, right?

In hindsight is just because you find your one winning product doesn’t mean you should stop, you should always be on the hunt for the next product for the next product for the next and the next. Because most of the winning products at that current time, they don’t have longevity. It’s not like you basically find one product that’s gonna be the only product around for the next 10 years. It’s not like that.

And the best example is like look at Apple, for example. Right? Apple, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook. Okay, let’s look at what their best winning product is. It’s the iPhone. Hey, so that’s their winning phone. But imagine when they found their winning iPhone, whatever version that was, let’s just say it’s version four iphone four, right? Imagine this is sold the same thing for the next 15 years. Do you think that iphone four and that current model and current state is probably going to sell? Well? Probably not. People wil get tired, right?

But what does Apple do? And why are they like the you know, the number one biggest company? Why do they make more money than most companies ever do? Well, it’s because every single year, they come up with a new iPhone, they know they’re winning product, but they’re just coming out with something a lot better, some people can look forward to something. So it’s the iPhone five is six to seven, eight, we’re at the point right now this year of recording of today’s June 2021, right, there’s going to be an iPhone 13. Soon, in literally a couple of months, it’ll be 14 15 17 20, it doesn’t really matter.

So where I’m going with this is to be in the mindset that just because you find your winning product doesn’t mean that your conquest is over. That means that the find another winning product was the exact same product was something better, or pretty much something related around that specific product that’s going to pretty much amplify or make the product better.

So just something want to point out real quick here to kind of get in the mindset of it’s just not about the one winning product. It’s about concept finding multiple winning products. And that’s how you both build multiple winning stores. And also, we have a lot of revenue coming in not from one product, but the whole store itself. So it’s just been a mindset.

Anyways, back to Christy. So because we’ve tested so many products, like hundreds and hundreds of products, and some of them really didn’t make it past our systems at all, and really didn’t go that far. What are some products that people want to kind of considered stay away from?

Yeah, I think one of the types of products that a lot of people want to sell in their stores are massage products. So you know, there’s a lot of different massages out there neck massagers, eye massager, so many different massaging products, and it’s getting a little saturated in terms of all the different massaging products out there.

And also you don’t want to sell products that are already out there and other big-box retail stores because you don’t want to compete with them. As in most people will probably have bought a product from those stores already. So you really want to find products that are unique and again solving a problem. And of course, there are a couple more in terms of criteria for winning products, but definitely stay away from massage products. Those ones haven’t been working well.

And I see a lot of students when you know they’re doing their product research they pick these products because they’re like oh wow, it looks so cool. Yes, it solves a problem you know people you know they have painful muscles and the massage guns those help with that however, it’s just we find that those products are often losers. And you know, there’s already a lot of them out there. So definitely stay away from massage products. That’s definitely one type of product to not sell on your store.

What’s another one?

I think with beauty products as well, it’s it is a hot niche, but you definitely want to be really careful in picking beauty products, just because again, it’s also a very competitive space. So there’s a lot of beauty products that some students have picked as well. And those don’t, wouldn’t work quite well because of how competitive it is. And again, so a lot of these products are already in the big box retailers. So when you are finding beauty products, you want to make sure that your other stores aren’t selling them. And then also that, again, they’re unique, and they’re solving a really big problem for people, those would definitely be what you want to look into, especially with beauty.

Now also at the beauty niche, it can get a little tricky when it comes to running ads. So you also want to be careful with that. Just make sure that you know, everything is set up and you’re following the strategies to help you really launch your product successfully, especially within beauty. And being careful when you are doing your product research and within this niche as well.

So Christy dropped a couple of golden nuggets just now and I just want to re-emphasise on what these are. So Christy talked about, you know, not selling a saturated product, as well as making sure your product actually solves a problem. So making sure your product actually solves a problem is so important because it’s something that’s going to add value to someone’s life. And as a result of that, they’re going to view your product as having a high perceived value.

And in dropshipping. It’s all about impulse buying. So the moment that you’re able to add value to someone’s life, and they’re able to understand the perceived value of your product is where you’re going to be able to get that sale from a potential customer.

Another thing that Christy talked about was really making sure that it is unique and has a wow factor. And it does is not currently being sold in big box retail stores. I think that’s very, very important. A lot of students when they first come to us, they are looking to sell products that are already available in Walmart or Target. Well how are you going to differentiate yourself as a brand or a company, if you’re selling the same things that Walmart or Target, which are extremely big brands, and have a lot of trust with customers are selling, you’re not going to be able to differentiate yourself.

So the importance here is finding a product that you cannot find in a physical, big box store. I think that’s extremely important. And I just kind of want to re-emphasise that.

Now in a previous episode, we did talk about how beauty niche is a niche that you should get into because it’s hot. However, what Christy is saying here is making sure that if you are choosing products in the beauty niche is not something that Sephora is already selling. So it’s not like lipstick, or eyeshadow, which are products I need brand equity behind it before people actually buy it. But selling unique products are not available in Sephora or any other of these big beauty stores.

Yeah, I love that. And you know just kind of going back as well on some of the products that you would want to stay away from is a lot of like iPhone laptop or computer accessories, they don’t do very well. So stay away from like battery packs, stay away from like keyboard accessories, pretty much cursors mouse’s I don’t know laptop fans, the laptop extendable desk or, you know, good. I don’t know LED lights for the desktop or the phone chargers or cool little phone screens and stuff like that stay away from that.

There are people who are doing well, and that’s where they are. But if you’re to break into that market, it doesn’t really do much in terms of solving actual problems, like a lot of people are not actively looking for like laptop accessories, stuff. When I think of laptop accessories, I think like, you know, like a white chalkboard to a nail you’re basically just playing, it’s dull, it hurts your ears, it’s not something that people are actively looking forward to by. So I would recommend, you know, you listening to stay away from things like that.

But Christy and Melissa brought up something I would also point out is there’s certain criterias that you want to kind of keep in mind when you’re looking at these products. And these are criterias that’s going to help you guide yourself along the way as you are finding these products. And one of them is solving a problem. Okay?

So something you got to understand as a market if you’ve never marketed before. If you’re you have no background in business, if you have no background in sales, or E-commerce, anything like that. One thing that I want you to get to understand is that the only reason why someone would give you their hard-earned dollars is because you are providing a solution to their problem that they finally just want to solve.

So if the products that you’re looking at does not solve an actual problem and a bit everyday problem or a big problem for your ideal buyer, they’re not going to want to spend their hard-earned dollars. So one of the criteria you want to keep in mind as you’re looking for these products is solving a problem like actually solve problem, okay.

I don’t mean in terms of solve there. And here are the worst niches you can get into since we’re kind of on this topic as well. The worst niches you can get into and even products is a) jewellery, b) is clothing and c) is sports items. Okay?

Jewelry for obvious reasons, because it’s completely overly saturated is nothing unique about it, it’s not gonna make you any different than Tiffany and Cole Cartier, or Louie Vuitton, or any of these big people that are already selling four or $5,000. You know, jewelry. So jewelry is the worst thing you can get into. However, you can’t get into jewelry, if you’re gonna play in a long term. And anything I’m saying here, and these these categories I’m telling you to stay away from is you can play it, if you have enough capital, and you’re going to be more long term focus, where you’re not going to see the money right away. And if you have the capital to build on that, like, actually build up a social presence, build an actual mission, build an actual story, you can probably get away with it. But who’s got time for that? Or money for that? Now, a lot of us, so stay away from jewelry stay away from clothing, okay?

Clothing really does not solve a problem. So for example, let’s just say that you want to get into selling clothing. You want to sell some yoga pants, okay? And your unique selling proposition is the fact that it makes a woman look nicer or No, it really emphasises a woman’s bum, that’s great. You know, obviously, you want, you know, women buy clothes, because they want to look better in it.

But what kind of problem are you actually solving nothing. And more importantly, what’s going to make you different from all the big brands out there that is in the athletic and fitness kind of realm or the yoga realm, that’s going to make you any different that can spend a million dollars advertising about their product, and their mission compared to you where you can where you can spend a million dollars. So should you sell clothing, probably not unless it solves an actual problem unless is completely different. And the best example is, if you were to find a jacket that when someone wears, and when they put it on, and then they heat up, the jacket cools them down. But, or, or another example to that same jacket, if someone gets super cold walking around, that jacket will warm them up. Why that solves an actual problem. It’s disruptive, it’s innovative, then you can sell clothing. But if you’re just going to sell clothing, because you slap your name on or you slap like a logo on it, or because it looks it makes a woman look nicer. You’re not going to win against all these big brands.

And the last thing you don’t want to sell is sports equipments. Sports equipment is the worst thing you can really sell. So those are a couple of things I want to point out. But anyways, yeah, so some of the criteria that we kind of want to quickly go over is solving a problem. Well, what’s another criteria that we can give to the audience here Melissa other than solving a problem based on the criteria that we get our students to look at?

Well, you know, what Christy touched upon already, and when I was summarising her points as well was making sure that this is your product is not in big-box retailers. I think that is extremely important. And although I talked about it before, I want to really emphasise that is because when you’re selling a product, you want to make sure that it has a wow factor. And it’s able to capture that impulse buy and which is what drop shipping is right, the purchasers of your products are going to be impulse buyers because what’s going to happen is that they’re gonna look through your ad, whether that be on Facebook, Instagram, on their feeds, and they’re gonna see an ad video or an ad image. And that image or video has to capture their attention within the first three seconds of them watching it for them to want to click onto that link onto your website, and then purchase the product. So it needs to really have a strong wow factor and a point of differentiation, which differentiates the products from all of the other ones out there for you to really have that leverage in for the customer to actually buy from you.

So essentially unique is what you’re saying. Exactly.

Melissa: Yeah.

Jaiden? And if they don’t sell unique products?

Well, you’re competing with the Walmarts and targets, why are they going to buy from you, right? So you’re not going to be able to see the sales and the scaling and the consistency in the product. Otherwise, you might be able to sell a few units, but it’s not going to be consistent and it’s not going to get you to that $10,000 A month $100,000 A month mark

So solving a problem staying within big-box big retailers and making unique. What’s another one that you know, the audience can really consider when they’re looking at products there Christy?

Yeah, when I talked about you know, the beauty niche being a hot niche and because it’s women dominated, so definitely when you’re when it comes to picking up product woman-dominated product would definitely be really really good to have, especially with you know, women being the bigger consumers right now and they’re doing a lot of shopping especially online. So you definitely want to pick a product that appeals to women. Because those are usually a lot of the winning products that we’re seeing right now in dropshipping.

Now you’re saying a woman-specific or woman focus can people that might be a question there, you know, the person listening is going to have is what If it’s not woman-focused and it’s the kind of thing more men focus, can they still make money with men focused products?

Yeah. So what you want to do with that is shaping your product descriptions, the way you’re marketing it to be for women buying gifts for their partners, for men, and just whenever you’re putting together your website and landing pages, showing women using the being using the product as well, those are really helpful to appeal to women in shaping around your messaging to buying a gift for your, your significant other for your family.

Yeah, just kind of add on that. So you know, I want to say there to get you to understand as you’re listening that, yes, we are going to encourage you here, the three of us letting you know from experiences that you do want to focus on woman-dominated product is woman doing most spending when it comes to e-commerce or the influence of men’s decisions to right?

So, yes, you’re gonna make a lot more money if you’re just a woman-focused, or a woman-dominated products. But that doesn’t say that you cannot make money with men focused products, it’s just that you’re gonna make a lot more money selling woman products, right.

So it’s going to point out there to kind of give you listening a head start in terms of find your winning products. So just kind of, you know, summarise everything up is like, you know, of all the tips that we given you the criteria is also going to be super important as you’re venturing out to find your products, then those criterias is pretty much going to be your roadmap and your guide, as you’re going through the millions of products that you see.

And you’re going to say no to because you are going to say no to a lot of these products, and then also being very cautious for the ones that you do say yes to. And these criteria, the criteria for you to look back on is going to be super important.

So what are those criterias? One, solves a problem. B, is not in a big box retailer. And it’s got to be super unique. And also three is that as woman-dominated what women will buy, because once again, women do mostly e-commerce spending, and you know, funny enough, they’re going to basically get their partners that are men to buy for them. And there are people like that.

So, you know, those are the three criterias, I’m gonna give you a fourth one here. And this is super important to know, is another criteria you want to keep in mind as you’re looking for product is that it is that it saves money. If there’s a product out there, that can literally make someone’s life easier solves a problem, but also save money as well, if I were to use it is super important. So you know, for example, the best example I can give you is like would you rather use 15 Different straws, or would you rather just use one straw as a resume reusable straw, probably the one reusable straw because A, you only have to buy one and B is you don’t have to buy another and C, basically you’re helping the planet, right? You don’t have to buy multiple of the same item that can be just reusable.

So when it comes to saving money, this is also super important. So that’s another criteria that you want to kind of look at, as you’re finding products, if you’re able to help someone solve a problem. If you’re able to help someone save money, it’s unique. And also, more importantly, is that- I’m losing my train of thought here-…

Melissa: Woman-dominated.

Jaiden: Yeah, woman dominated. Right, yeah, you’re going to be on the precipice of finding a really great product. So you know, as we can just sit here all day long, and talk about how to find your winning product, right, we want to kind of get you to fish. Because in life, it’s better for you to learn how to catch your own fish than really for someone to give you a fish all the time.

So we hope you take all the notes, took a lot of notes, actually, for all the nuggets that we’ve been dropping here to help you find your winning product. But I just want to kind of say one more thing. And I’ll get Melissa and Christy to chime in here. As we’re coming to wrap is really at the end of the day, finding your winning products not going to be easy. You have to be super patient with this.

And the only way it’s going to be easier is if it helped along the way. So if you’re an individual right now sitting there, you’re listening, John, Mary, you know, whoever you’re listening for, wherever in the world, let me just say something to you, especially for those that are not at you know, stage financially or whatever the case may be to invest into getting proper help, I’m going to speak out to you specifically that are willing to do it yourself.

Being patient with product research is so important because you’re not going to come across you know that winners so soon especially because you are still trying to figure this out yourself. So having the sheer patience and actually going through and really documenting your journey and also having proper systems and processes in place is going to be super important, but more importantly for yourself mentally.

So the sheer pace is behind finding your winning product is going to be super important for you to really kind of have the motivation to keep going because it may not be your fifth product, may not be your second 17 products, may not be even your 40th product. And that’s scary. Like you go through 40 different products, it doesn’t pan out. That’s the reality of it, especially when you’re doing it yourself.

So my glow quick, you know, another little tip for you is having the sheer pace and to kind of keep going through products at a very fast speed. Now, what’s another quick tip that we can give there, Melissa? You know, because we kind of gave a lot here. But so, so much more on the spiritual side and kind of setting expectations for you know, success and not setting expectations for failure is what kind of mindset that we should get, you know, the person listening today of how to go through this as they’re finding their winning products. So for me, it’s sheer patience and just being completely, you know, patient with the process and that you’re not going to find your winning product tomorrow or next month.

For me, it will be having the mindset that this is going to be a process, and it’s all about testing. So understanding that this entire process is just about how fast you’re able to test your products and go through different products, and then making sure that you pass through the product research system.

So we gave a lot of golden nuggets in this episode of what you should be looking for, you know, using Google Trends as one tool that you can use to validate the market as well as the product. So taking a lot of those notes down and making sure that your product is passing through these different steps that we gave you, as well as any other steps that you have in your own product research system.

Because we only drop you know, a couple of tips. And we’re gonna share our entire system here in this podcast. However, just making sure that you understand that this is a process where you need to test and having that mental mindset that it’s all about the testing, and it’s okay, if you don’t make sales on the products that you test. And knowing that it’s going to be a process is the biggest thing.

Awesome. I love that. So patience and process. What’s another one that you can throw in there Christy just kind of sending people for the proper expectations?

Mm-hmm. Yeah, I would say, definitely having consistency. So always going into, you know, your product, your list of products and continuously adding to it. Again, what Melissa mentioned, continuously testing it, making sure you also go back to, you know, some of the products previously, just to double-check that as well, while you’re testing, you’re continuously testing and adding additional products.

So just having a lot of consistency. And always, you know, going back and reviewing different products and continuously adding to it, that really keeps up the momentum through the product research process.

I love that. And I want to share the three P’s that I just did that I just randomly come up with. And I come up with a lot of funny stuff here, here and there. So the three P’s I randomly just came up with and I’m gonna kind of break it down here in short, and this is something that this is what we went through in our journey as we’re finding winning products and super important to understand.

And I’m gonna share here with you, so at least you have it and this is something that you should probably write on your wall, if you want to, you know, do dropship in the right way, just write the three Ps. Okay?

So the three P’s, this is what you’re going to need to understand, Okay, the first P is perseverance. The second P is going to be process and the third and the last P is going to be promotion. So the first P with perseverance is like going back to having the patience, right? I guess it literally it could be p is the first P can be patience or perseverance, but perseverance as in like, just not giving up to keep going there and find that winning product. And at the end of the day are the best piece of advice that I ever got, as well, amongst the many of the men amongst the many amazing advices I got was that, you know, sometimes success is right around the corner, but most people just give up before they cross that corner.

And that’s true to anything in business that if you give away too soon, but you don’t see and reap the benefits and reap what you sow. So just having the perseverance to keep going.

The second one is process like Melissa was saying that, you know, you need to be able to have something that you can follow over and over. It’s not about doing something new. It’s not about reinventing the wheel. It’s not about trying to do this and that all the time. It’s about following something that works and sticking to it.

And if it doesn’t work, make improvements, but not constantly trying to do every, you know, everything new or trying to constantly come up with something new all the time. It’s about following an actual process. So for example, with Google Trends and Melissa brought up it’s something that we follow. Regardless, if we already tested over 10,000 products. It’s something that we still follow, we will make a promise along the way. But it’s about having a proper process set in place to construct follow because it’s about automating things, okay? Not manually constantly doing something new.

So that’s the second P and the third P is understand the promotion bit as well. So to help you really get that winning product to you know, make you hundreds and hundreds of dollars and understand the promotional side of things which we’ll kind of go more into, as we’re talking about, you know, advertising campaigns and stuff And you know, promotional content, but just having the promotional side of things so you can understand how to properly Advertise your product is super important because it’s one thing to find a winning product but it’s also another thing to really put together something great campaign to really get eyeballs on it and really market so people can understand the true benefits of it and have them incentivize and also motive, you know, motivated to buy your product.

So those are the three P’s you want kind of live with us you are going through your dropshipping journey and also finding your winning products. So the three P’s summarise back again. The first one is perseverance don’t give up okay, way before you know you should become successful, so don’t give up too soon. And then this second P is process so following some things, you know, to a tee every single time don’t try to reinvent the wheel every single day. And also the last one is promotion, understand how to properly promote it understand how to advertise it because a winning product cannot go anywhere. If there’s no eyeballs on it.

That old saying is that if you build it people will come you know it’s it’s a misnomer. No one’s going to come anywhere if you don’t actually market it. So anyways, with that being said there those are our tips when it comes to winning products. That’s it for me is it anything else you want to have that lead to the person listening to their Melissa before we kind of wrap up?

just keep testing different products and eventually you will reach your winning product, which is going to help you skill and it’s going to be textbook from that point

Love it. Anything for you there, Christy?

Be strict and follow the process, make sure that your product is going through each step of you know the the methodology and making sure that you can it’s unique and solves a problem, woman dominated, following all that criteria when you are picking your product.

Awesome. I love that. And what was one quote that kind of helped you all kind of summarise, you know, what you what we had to go through for yourself, you know, you know, on the side there, what is one quote that you would say to yourself as we’re going through this journey, so we wouldn’t give up anything that comes to mind, Melissa?

Well, the only word like he’s coming to my mind right now is something that one of our mentors, when he first started said to us is making sure that you are consistent and be obsessed with E commerce, when you’re obsessed, that’s something you’re going to get good at it, whether you start from completely zero knowledge from the ground, or if you have a little bit of knowledge. But as long as you have the mentality of keeping to be consistent, keeping on improving every single day, then eventually you are going to get so good at this, that you’ll start to be teaching other people in this process and making a difference in their lives.

Love it. And for you there, Christy?

I would say don’t you know don’t marry the product. Especially when you’re doing your product testing, you want to keep on testing. So if you’re finding that the product isn’t, you know going well, you definitely want to let it go and continue on to the next product. So don’t you know stick to use the product that you believe it’s going to work out, but it’s actually not working out?

Love that. Don’t marry the product. So don’t, don’t just focus on one product. But that’s only for products. So right, if you’re going to marry someone, you know, do the best you can to just stay with one partner don’t go through multiple different partners. Okay, that’s different, that’s a different, you know, perspective.

But when it comes to testing products, don’t marry one specific product, because they’re going to be hundreds of other products out there that will do well. So if you are constantly focused focus and fixate on one product, it’s going to really put you at risk. Because you know, there are all the 100 products out there that if you don’t get on it fast enough, you can lose all your chance.

So I love that don’t marry the product, the only thing that I will say is the quote that kept us going and it’s a quote that is going to keep you going and more importantly, it’s a quote that I tell all of our students and to be in the mindset of is that it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when you’re going to become successful.

So I’ll say that again, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when you become successful. So you can use that in all different areas of dropshipping is not a find a winning product, it’s a winner find a winning product, it’s not if I create a great store, it’s one and creates a great store. It’s not if I can run and put together a great Facebook campaign, it’s when I can put together a great Facebook campaign or any kind of campaign so be in that mindset. It’s not if you’re going to become successful at this it’s when you become successful then when you say when you think when then you’re more long-term oriented, you’re not so constructed sucked up in the short term side of things in the instant gratification. So not if but when. So with that being said, go out there guys and crush it and find your next winning product and tune into the next episode.

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